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VIP-Service booking

On this page you can write up your order for the VIP-servicing in airports of Russian cities and pay them off ON-LINE.

With the purpose of providing you with top comfort and maximal time & efforts saving, ARTIFICIAL HORIZON company suggests that its clients would use services of the VIP-lounges.

Our company’s services are used by celebrities and representatives of well-known major companies, both Russian and International.

Several diverse payment methods are possible for paying-off of these particular services.

We appreciate every client and we shall do our possible best in order to make your cooperation with us top-comfortable.



    The VIP-lounge provides with the following services:

    • Registration of passengers and their luggage on separate registration desks.
    • Passing of customs control.
    • Well-timed flight registration for 30 minutes before the aircraft departure.
    • Individual escorting of passengers from the VIP-lounge to their aircraft boarding place; arrangement of passengers’ boarding and their luggage loading onto the aircraft
    • The luggage unloading from the aircraft, its transportation and return to the passengers.
    • Providing the passengers with necessary information on departures & arrivals.
    • Free providing the passengers with newspapers and magazines.
    • Provision of food, refreshment and strong drinks in selection for separate charge.
    • Rendering of first aid whether it’d be medical aid or some necessary assistance of other kind.
    • In case of a flight delay, a passenger may stay in the VIP-lounge till boarding announcement

    1. On the page Reservation Online it is necessary to choose a kind of a service, an airport and then to fill-in the application form and press the button ‘Send the order’
    2. Our managers will process your order and send you by e-mail a letter with a link, clicking through which you get to your ‘Shopping cart’ and will be able, after checking all the data as well as total cost, to start the paying-off procedure of your purchase
    3. The services can be paid-off by two methods:
      • In cash in our company’s office
      • By plastic cards MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club International via the Assist system
    4. After that you would opt for bank cards and press the ‘Pay-off’ button, you will be re-directed to the site of the system of electronic payments named ASSIST.
    5. Now it is necessary to select a kind of your instrument of payment (bank card) from the list. Then following the instructions, you should specify your card parameters as well as your personal data.
    6. Now it is needed to confirm your agreement for the payment prosecution (so to conduct its authorization).
    7. After that the payment will be prosecuted, you will receive by e-mail a confirmation letter informing you on the fact of successful payment operation and specifying the number of this payment. To given e-mail address, our managers will send you a new confirmation letter with a confirmation of the ordered service and a list of terms of the order cancellation for your information.

    Payments via the system ASSIST is done with plastic cards of the following systems: MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club International.

    In case of payment arrangement via the system ASSIST, the cost is calculated according to a current price-list of the shop. The services reservation is performed on term of 100% pre-payment.

    Client’s date protection in the system ASSIST

    Payment by bank cards is made by way of re-adressing you to the site of electronic payments ASSIST (, in which the payment security is assured by use of the protocol SSL for transferring of confidential information from a client to the server of the system ASSIST for further processing. Any subsequent information transferring is made on closed bank networks secured by protection of the highest degree. Any collection and processing of received confidential client’s data (card details, registration data, etc.) is made in a processing center and not on Seller’s site. Therefore, LAPTOPSCOPE is not able to receive neither personal nor bank data of a client including information on his/her purchases made by him/her on other shops. For information protection from unauthorized access on a stage of transferring data from the client to the ASSIST system server, the protocol SSL 3.0 is used; its server certificate (128 bit) was issued by the company Thawte, which is the reputable center of digital certificates issuing. You can check the server certificate authenticity.

    Return of finance in case of the purchase cancellation

    In case of the purchase cancellation, the money is returned by the same method as it was transferred: on the client’s bank card (in time defined by the emitting bank, in cash) in an office of our company, in amount envisaged by the rules and fine sanctions.

    Rules and fine sanctions

    1. Entering of changes into a confirmed application is considered as the previous application cancellation and consequently new one submitting.
    2. Under an order change we mean: date change; change of flight details (departure or arrival); change of clients’ surname.
    3. Addition of passengers for a flight to previously confirmed application is considered as a new application submitting.
    4. In case of cancellation of an application more than for 6 (six) hours before flight scheduled time (departure or arrival), — the payment is returned in amount 90% of sum specified in the cost confirmation letter.
    5. In case of cancellation of an application less than for 6 (six) hours but no more than for 3 (three) hours before scheduled flight time (departure or arrival), — the payment is returned in amount 50% of sum specified in the cost confirmation letter.
    6. In case of cancellation of an application less than for 3 (three) hours before scheduled flight time (departure or arrival), — the paid-off sum is not returned at all.
    7. An application is considered as an urgent one if it was submitted in the day of the service rendering; and also applications are considered as urgent ones if they were submitted after 8:00 p.m. in a day just predated a day of the service rendering;
    8. In a case that at a moment of arrival/departure a passengers’ number on an ordered flight exceeds the passengers’ number specified in the application, the executive officer is not entitled to assist in arrangement of passing through the VIP-lounge to passengers, whose surnames are absent in the application.
    9. In a case that after the application confirmation a client would not use the service due to circumstances beyond our company’s control, the payment for the rendered service will not be returned.


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